Jordan Hollender Photography - NYC Photographer and Director

Jordan Hollender Photography

Jordan Hollender is a born and bred New Yorker – raised on 10th street and 6th Avenue. He got his start in photography as a sophomore in high school when his grandfather, a WWII photographer, built him a darkroom. Jordan spent so much time there that from then until he graduated, he hardly saw the sun. After high school it was on to the School of Visual Arts.

Jordan’s ability to to make complete strangers feel like they’ve been friends for years led him to specialize in portrait photography. He quickly realized that the way to a great shot is making his subjects feel comfortable. Jordan has photographed infants and old people, famous and everyday people of virtually every age in between.

For over a decade he has stayed busy juggling commercial and editorial clients as well as art exhibits. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Diane (a fellow photographer) who often collaborates with him. She’s his hardest art director, but he welcomes the challenge.

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